Sing Together – A Virtual Singing Community

Sing Together is unlike any group singing you’ve ever done, because well, you’re technically apart! We’re not a chorus. We’re just people who love to sing! Maybe you like to sing in the shower, or in the car. Maybe you feel a little shy about your voice, or maybe you love to belt it out like Cher. No matter your experience, you’re welcome in our virtual singing community. Why, you ask? Because everyone (except for me) is on MUTE!

Sing Together made the news! Check out the story at WSYR-TV!


Understand and practice healthy singing techniques.
Improve breath support.
Connect with others through music.
Bring happiness and joy to your life with expressive music-making.

6 session class series led by Jen Rafferty
All ages and abilities welcome

Cost is $12 per class OR $60 for all six
Payment is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend you can use your registration towards a future class, or find someone to fill your place.

I felt energized and de-stressed going into the end of the week and into the weekend. Jen helped us connect as a choir emotionally, even though we were miles apart.”

Jen C.

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Feeling shy…start with a voice lesson!

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