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“Thank you for a phenomenal middle school general music presentation today! I love going to your sessions every year. You continue to inspire me to be a better educator.” ~ Christine, New Hartford, NY


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Dec. 9, 2020, 7:00pm ESTBOOK TALK We Want to do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom by Bettina Love


All workshops can be combined and adapted to fit your event. 
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Adolescents in the Music Classroom

​This interactive workshop focuses on developmentally responsive teaching and best practices for music educators to meet the educational needs of middle school students. They are rapidly and profoundly changing physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and psychologically. When we understand their needs, we can adjust the way we teach so they get the most out of their time making music.

“I was impressed with Jen’s leadership of the music teacher group this morning. She is a natural and the teachers really listened to her and I know will follow her direction and suggestions.” ~Ginny, Virginia

The Circle of Courage: Belonging, Mastery, Independence & Generosity in General Music

​Based on a Native American philosophy of child rearing, the Circle of Courage is a remarkable way to think about how we can teach music through these four concepts. Jen has used this paradigm throughout her teaching career with great success. As students works towards achievement in all four areas, they gain confidence to be empowered musicians and their strengths carry over in other aspects of their lives.

A Place in the Staff

​Jen will take the group through the big points in her book, including knowing your “why,” understanding school culture, advocacy and teacher self-care. This workshop includes copies of A Place in the Staff for every participant.

Music and Emotional Literacy ~ Teaching empathy in your ensemble

In today’s “selfie” culture, it is extremely necessary to teach empathy and emotional literacy whenever we can. When we make frequent explicit connections between music making and emotion, students become more self-aware of their own emotions and can begin recognize emotions in others. This can truly begin to change the school culture to one that is more caring and kind.

“Jen was very engaging, personable and knowledgeable. The workshop was awesome and really inspired me on how to go about rewriting curriculum to make music learning more fun.”
~Teacher, Half Hollow Hills

General Music: the most important class you teach

​Middle School General Music is of particular interest as this class is incredibly important to keep students engaged in active music making, resulting in a lifelong support and participation in music.

“I was very impressed and inspired by your session on Middle School General Music. Our county participants are constantly asking for more middle school based clinicians and you fill that need perfectly. You have a lot to offer for a classroom music workshop!” ~Christa, Vice President of Classroom Music for Suffolk County Music Educators Association

Student Centered Learning ~ Get off the podium!

​Students learn best when they are actively engaged in their own discovery of knowledge. In a traditional ensemble, directors are leading the group, making most of the musical decisions and corrections. While there is a time for direct instruction, we need to explore ways for students to take ownership of their own music making for a deeper connection and skills for lifelong learning.

Discover Your Sound ~ A Collaboration

Jen will work with your music department to facilitate staff with finding your mission and vision, uniting the curriculum reflective of mission and vision, encourage collaboration within the department, help establish policies and protocols to maintain consistency and empower staff to discover their own strengths within the department.

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