A Place in the Staff: Finding Your Way as a Music Teacher

I remember at the beginning of my career I felt inspired, lost,hopeful burned-out all at the same time. I often felt confusedand frustrated because there were so many things about teaching​that I just didn’t feel prepared for. Classroom management? This was nothing like student teaching! Assessments? I only had a few that I felt comfortable with. Advocacy?Continue reading “A Place in the Staff: Finding Your Way as a Music Teacher”

Equip Your Room for Success!

What does your dream classroom look like? What materials do you wish you had, but can’t afford? Your student’s deserve the best musical experience you have to offer them, so it’s up to you to get what you need. School budgets sometimes don’t allow for materials you want, however there are many ways to getContinue reading “Equip Your Room for Success!”

Bumpy Roads & New Beginnings

My daughter learned how to ride her bike without training wheels this weekend. (It was pretty awesome!) So today, after dinner, we went for the last ride of the summer on our usual route, around the block and through the park. There are many places with bumpy sidewalks, little inclines and today, lots of puddles.Continue reading “Bumpy Roads & New Beginnings”

Lifelong Learning ~ Beyond the Buzz

Lifelong learning is the thing that makes this all worth it right? I mean, if we aren’t fostering skills that will serve our students beyond high school, then we aren’t really doing our job are we? But what does lifelong learning look like? A few years ago I was invited back to my high schoolContinue reading “Lifelong Learning ~ Beyond the Buzz”


Why is a powerful question. I often ask myself this regarding my professional decisions. If I don’t understand the why, it makes everything a little unsteady for me. I have found over the years that action with intention can move mountains. You can’t accomplish much if you just have intention without action, and action without intention is meaningless. WhenContinue reading “Why?”